D&D Manager

D&D Manager 2.3.2

Character and battle management program

Very good
Many bug fixes and minor feature additions


  • Many bug fixes and minor feature additions

D&D Manager is a fully functional D&D management Application designed for the d20 system. It includes a fully functional Character management system with support for Feats, Skills, Special abilities, as well as Weapons, Spells and all the usual Basic statistics. These are then used in the built in Battle manager as you fight monsters and other enemies, which can then be created on the fly from templates stored with your Characters. You can also search through your Characters and Spells to find exactly which one you are looking for.

D&D Manager also includes a fully functional battle simulator that calculates initiative for all the characters and manages their Spells and Attacks. If you want to use an especially advanced spell such as Wish, you can quickly jump back to the Character Management screen to handle it.

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D&D Manager


D&D Manager 2.3.2

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